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With Norwex products, you save time and money while improving the health of your home and our environment. Clean without harmful chemicals!

My name is Melanie Stuve and I have been with Norwex for over 12 years! I was the kid who made their parents pay for recycling pick up before it was a city program. Protecting and caring for the environment have always been important to me. Norwex came into my life when I was looking for a change. I was on maternity leave and knew and I didn't want to go back to teaching. I jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back! I love sharing these products with others and helping them to create Safe Havens in their homes.

Show Specials:

While Norwex does not allow me to publicly share show specials you can check out my private VIP group on Facebook. Make sure to answer the questions when you join! groups/MelaniesVIPmicrofibergroup

New Products

The New Spring 2021 catalogue has just launched! Check out the catalogue and new products here:

I know I'm most excited about the new Porcelain Sink Organize

Product Images:

Norwex has many great basic packages to help you get started! Now in some great new colours and prints too!
Our laundry products are concentrated, have no fillers, perfumes or fragrances and clean amazingly!
Sweep and wash your floors with one amazing tool and just water! Our mop systems are designed to last for years and our patented microfiber removes and traps 99.9% of bacteria with just water!
Our kitchen cloths and towels are ultra absorbent and made with our same microfiber that removes and traps 99.9% of bacteria. Plus they come in many beautiful colours to compliment any kitchen.


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